Museum of contemporary art – Museum on call;

Mariam Natroshvili/Detu Jincharadze

Museum on call started in November 2017 and existed until 2020 as a delivery museum. Our first museum was Museum of superstitions in 2013,  News Museum in 2014, Museum of red winds, 2015, Museum of unidentified files in 2017. And finally Museum of contemporary art. On MOCA Tbilisi we started working in spring 2017 and opening of the museum was November 22 2017. 

In 2020 we have created virtual museum:  http://virtualmuseum.ge/ 

Main idea of the museum was to turn kitchens or living room of apartments into temporary museums.

Maybe museum will continue its existence in a new form in future. For our recent projects please check: sadarismelia.com

A few years ago an anonymous question appeared on the walls of Tbilisi asking:

“Sorry, where is the museum of contemporary art here?”

The answer is quite sad. There is no museum of contemporary art in Georgia.

This question acted as a trigger of my thoughts: how one can make a museum without the state support or much money? Obviously, we know how to make something without money and support. This is what my generation has learned on the 90s Georgia instead of chemistry and math.

Georgia is a country stuck between the first and second worlds as well as between east and west. It is in the period of post-transition. The expectations followed the collapse of the Soviet Union are now gone. Although new visions are born and changes are slow but sharp. Ghosts of the Soviet Union has disappeared slowly under the light of stars on the European flag.

 The process of transition from Soviet to the independent country for Georgia was difficult and painful. ’90s were cold and dark: no gas, no electricity, shootings in the streets as part of the everyday routine. Wars, civil confrontations, permanent aggression from Russia turned transitional period into the endless nightmare. As children of ’90s in Georgia, we learned more than teachers could teach in freezing class rooms and universities. Making something out of nothing, making things when nothing works is the precious knowledge that various kinds of crisis have taught us. Do It Yourself –  anything from clothing to education and a museum. Looking for shortcuts to the reality we want to live in and discovering different ways towards creation of our own independent autonomous zones are the precious tools in our boxes of knowledge.


This is how the Museum of contemporary art – Museum on call has started.

If there is no museum – do it yourself!

Use contemporary art as a tool for discussing ignored social-political topics.

It is quite difficult to find some information about the history of contemporary art in Georgia. While there are no books published concerning the Georgian art in transitional period of the 80s and 90s, we had to find out everything by ourselves. We started to research so-called “nonofficial” art in Georgia of this period. We interviewed more than 50 artists and art historians working during the end of the 80s and beginning of the 90s. We collected the stories of the art and artists’ lives of the times of the end of Red Empire and the start of independence. This research was also a DIY education program for us – asking questions, learning and discussing mistakes and dreams of society from the end of the ’80s even until now.


We discovered that museums in Georgia have some kind of nomadic fate, obviously affected by the troubled history of the country. The first museum on move was created by first professional photographer Alexander Roinashvili at the end of the19th century. He was collecting ethnographical pieces in the Caucasus and then traveling to the Russian Empire with a box full of artefacts showing them to people in different cities. The second example is the story of the Georgian Gold Fund showcased now in the National Museum of Arts. To save the collection from the robbery in 1921 a Georgian public figure Etkvtime Takaishvili escaped from the Red Army together with the very important artefacts of ancient and Christian periods of Georgian history. He returned the untouched treasure to Georgia only in 1945.

After the long research, we decided to create a platform based on the material gathered during the research. The platform for critical dialogue and discussion for different important socio-political topics that could be arranged at any place where we would raise a flag. The name of the platform is The Museum of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi.

The description of the museum reads:

 The Museum of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi is a museum on move – the museum on call that tells various stories with the photo and video documentation of the previously selected works.

The founders of the museum deliver folders full of history to any location. Museum guides you in contemporary art of Georgia and discusses different social and political issues through contemporary art.

Museum of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi aims to create and disseminate new knowledge and experience through artistic practices and interventions in the private or public spaces, focuses on social, political or ontological issues and creates the necessary conditions for social change.

Through the education, research and artistic interventions, the museum creates temporary emptiness, which is filled in by the meaning produced by the artist and the visitor together.

The museum is an attempt re-think and re-evaluates important works of Georgian contemporary art and topics from new history.

The Museum of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi investigates a contemporary art in Georgia in a socio-political and historical context that in its turn reflects the country’s latest history.

Museum describes time through contemporary art.

The project also challenges the traditional form of a museum and delivers contemporary art to the broad public in an experimental way.

The museum can be delivered at any time and place. “


Two main concepts of the idea behind the museum on move are storytelling and intervention into private spaces. After calling and booking an appointment we go to the homes of different people and create temporary places for discussion.


With the help of photo and video documentation of the collected works, we tell the stories that are neglected, ignored or forgotten. With the museum, we deliver questions to the homes of people of the different generation. We transform every visited apartment, kitchens and living rooms into a temporary museum – a place where history is told through art.

For more information or delivery contact us on the museum’s Facebook page or on the following email: sadarismelia@gmail.com

995 595850967


ჩვენს შესახებ:

თანამედროვე ხელოვნების მუზეუმი არის მოძრავი მუზეუმი – მუზეუმი გამოძახებით. მუზეუმი შერჩეული ნამუშევრების ფოტო და ვიდეო დოკუმენტაციის საშუალებით, მსმენელს სხვადასხვა ამბავს მოუთხრობს.

მუზეუმი კონვერტია – რომელშიც თანამედროვე ხელოვნება შეტყობინებად, ახალ ამბად, ახალ წერილად იქცევა.

თანამედროვე ხელოვნების მუზეუმი დისკუსიის მოძრავი სივრცეა. მუზეუმი სახლებს თუ სხვა ადგილებს დროებით სახელოვნებო სივრცეებად აქცევს და დამთვალიერებლის ჩართვით განიხილავს მნიშვნელოვან თუ უმნიშვნელო სოციალურ თუ სახელოვნებო მოვლენებს. მუზეუმი თანამედროვე ხელოვნებას სოციო-პოლიტიკურ და ისტორიულ კონტექსტში განიხილავს და ამ გზით ქვეყნის უახლეს ისტორიაზე მოგვითხრობს.

მუზეუმის მიზანია თანამედროვე ხელოვნების და სხვა შემოქმედებითი სფეროების საშუალებით ახალი ცოდნის და გამოცდილების შექმნა და გავრცელება.

განსხვავებული და მოულოდნელი გზებით, პირად თუ საჯარო სივრცეებში შეღწევით, მუზეუმი კითხვებს უსვამს სოციალურ, პოლიტიკურ ან ონტოლოგიურ საკითხებს და ქმნის ცვლილებისთვის აუცილებელ მდგომარეობებს.

განათლების, კვლევის და სახელოვნებო ინტერვენციების გზით მუზეუმი აჩენს დროებით სიცარიელეებს, სადაც დამთვალიერებელი არტისტთან ერთად მთავარი მოქმედი პირია და ახალი შინაარსის შექმნა ევალება.

მუზეუმის გამოძახება ნებისმიერ დროს, ნებისმიერ ადგილას არის შესაძლებელი.

ინფორმაციის მისაღებად ან გამოძახებისთვის დაგვიკავშირდით მუზეუმის facebook გვერდზე, ან შემდეგ მეილზე: sadarismelia@gmail.com

ტელ: 995 595850967