The Museum of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi is a museum on move – the museum on call that tells various stories with the photo and video documentation of the previously selected works.

The founders of the museum deliver folders full of history to any location. Museum guides you in contemporary art of Georgia and discusses different social and political issues through contemporary art.

Museum of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi aims to create and disseminate new knowledge and experience through artistic practices and interventions in the private or public spaces, focuses on social, political or ontological issues and creates the necessary conditions for social change.

Through the education, research and artistic interventions, the museum creates temporary emptiness, which is filled in by the meaning produced by the artist and the visitor together.

The museum is an attempt re-think and re-evaluates important works of Georgian contemporary art and topics from new history.

The Museum of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi investigates a contemporary art in Georgia in a socio-political and historical context that in its turn reflects the country’s latest history.

Museum describes time through contemporary art.

The project also challenges the traditional form of a museum and delivers contemporary art to the broad public in an experimental way.

The museum can be delivered at any time and place.